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Our approach to buying and selling

We don’t have a cookie-cutter approach to buying and selling real estate. This is primarily due to the fact that we recognize everyone is an individual, and everyone has specific needs and wants that are driving their interest in San Diego real estate. Before we do anything else, we’ll sit down with you and have an exhaustive discussion about what it is you’re trying to accomplish in real estate.

We’ll try to find out exactly what kind of neighborhood you’re looking for, with respect to services and amenities, and what kind of household you’ll need for your family. If selling, we’ll discuss pricing, updating and renovating, and what needs to be done to your home to make it sell for top dollar. Whatever your needs are, we’ll be listening first, and then taking action on your behalf.
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When the right people team up, homeowners get the right results.

Avenue 3 Realty was founded by a set of minds who share years of experience in the Real Estate industry and have a passion to help people better their lives. In an industry inundated with local agents, we saw an opportunity where we could focus our efforts on the home owner and not just the property. By providing innovative real estate solutions we have the ability to help them step in to the next chapter in their life whether it be reducing financial stress, purchasing a new home, selling a home or reorganizing their real estate investment portfolio.

What sets Avenue 3 apart from other San Diego ca realtors is our expertise and extensive knowledge of the San Diego and Orange County real estate markets. We’ve been involved in more than 350 renovations and sales and collectively have more than 50 years of experience. We have the capability that only comes from lifelong careers in residential real estate.

Meet the Team

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Angelina Scafani-Sciarrino

CEO | Co-Founder | Associate Broker

Phone : 619.857.0361

Calbre : 01324066

As a mother raising a son on my own, I have learned the necessary tools to balance work & life as I know the importance of both. It takes organization, efficiency and structure to maintain a steady flow and a happy home. Time spent with my fiance, son, family & friends, dedication to volunteering with my son and carving out space to enjoy outdoors, wine tasting and other leisurely activities ensures that I am able to create balance in my life.
Working within a family business I am fortunate to have the flexibility needed to ensure clients’ needs are always met while having the opportunity to be an involved mom. Clients are like family to me, as I treat them the same as I would my own child. My goal is to ensure that every person in my life whether it be family, friends, client or business associate leaves better off than when they met me.
I have made the business of Real Estate Sales, Finance & Renovation my profession for over twenty years as a Licensed Broker in Southern California. Concentrated on underwriting projects, managing systems and working toward the development of our business with the acute attention to detail and intimate knowledge of the more complicated but crucial aspects of Real Estate as a whole.
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Gina Scafani

CFO I Co-Founder I Broker

Phone : 619.857.0360

Calbre : 01477662

Back in 2010, I discovered yoga and found that it is a practice that requires a lot of discipline, mental clarity and presence. Collectively it has been the main driving force in evolving my business mindset. Having taught for over 10 years now, I have attained skills that have shaped the businesswoman I am today. When not devoting my time between teaching and Avenue 3 I enjoy quality time with loved ones, avidly reading, writing and socializing within my community. I also find it so important to balance work and my social life with staying active physically.

The balance I have created in my life gives me the ability to think more clearly, open minded, stay focused on projects and manage various responsibilities I am more productive as a whole. Earning the trust of my students is the same as earning the trust of my clients. Rather than focus on the base layer of Real Estate, we take the time to get to know each person we work with, hone in on their goals and work together to reach them. The real estate is merely an avenue to work towards what it is they want.
With a degree in Business from the University of San Diego and a Licensed Broker for over ten years, I’ve held high-level executive positions in Investment and Management firms as well as managed properties, renovations and transaction throughout all of California. I focus my energy on management, finance and underwriting for the growth of our business.

San Diego Realtors

Avenue3 Realty is a real estate company in San Diego that makes a point of staying abreast of all developments in realty for the entire region. Having this kind of knowledge is essential to best serving our clients who are looking to buy a home in San Diego or sell a home in San Diego in the region. If you’re looking to sell your residence, you’ll be glad to hear that single-family homes in San Diego are currently realizing a 15.6% increase in sale price year-over-year. That means you might be able to turn a tidy profit when you sell your home and move on.

You’ll also be happy to hear that a full 45% of all San Diego homes on the market will have a final selling price that is substantially above the list price. Not only will you get the money you had hoped for, but chances are you’ll make even more money than expected from the sale of your San Diego residence.
In addition, the median price for a San Diego home is forecast to rise 22% over the next year, so there’s a good possibility that selling can be even more profitable than you originally thought.

Our san diego real estate company maintains an intimate knowledge of these statistics and facts, as well as a thorough knowledge of all the different San Diego communities, so we can find the right property for you if you’re looking to buy. We’ll be able to explain the qualities and characteristics of each San Diego neighborhood to you, so you’ll know whether or not you’d be comfortable living in that area. We can also point out the best communities for shopping, dining, schools for youngsters, low crime rates, and even the communities that offer the most services to residents.

Why work with Avenue3 Realty?

There are quite a few reasons why you should be working with us, as opposed to one of the giant realtors in the San Diego area. Our boutique real estate firm is one of the few realtors in San Diego that has at least 50 years of experience in buying a home and selling your home in San Diego. That kind of experience may be exactly what you need to close the sale, when the time comes for it. Here are some other reasons you should choose us over other realtors in San Diego:

We know the market value of homes in the area, and if something is priced too high, we can usually negotiate a better price for you. Having a good understanding of the marketplace helps us be aware of the true value of any home in San Diego.
If you had to track down houses and schedule appointments on your own, it would take forever. Because we know the area and we know where to look, we can save you a ton of time in the housing search process.
Nothing sells a house faster than having it listed in multiple places, so it can be seen by a wider audience. Since we have access to MLS for San Diego, we can get your home listed all around town and beyond, so selling happens much more quickly.
We maintain a network of professional colleagues whom we can rely on when we need outside help, and you’ll have access to all this extra professional expertise when working with us.
Since it’s our business, we go to great lengths to stay abreast of all changes in the local real estate market, from minor pricing modifications up to a significant change in interest rates.
We’ve been through it all many times before, so there really aren’t any surprises that pop up in real estate transactions, and certainly nothing that we can’t handle expertly.
Our success is directly dependent on your success, so we are highly motivated to help you achieve whatever your goals are in real estate.

Of course, we aren’t the only real estate company in San Diego that can provide this kind of care and attention to clients who are buying or selling. However, we are the one boutique real estate brokerage that will work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure you find exactly the home and community you’re looking for. And if you’re looking to sell, we will do everything in our power to help you get at least the asking price for your home, and hopefully an increase over that asking price when we identify the right buyer.

There are many ways we can help you in your efforts to buy or sell San Diego real estate. We’ve discussed some of those ways above, and if we can assist you in any other way, please let us know that as well. We aim to please, and we are committed to doing our very best to help you get situated after making a purchase or making a sale. For all your real estate needs in the communities of the greater San Diego area, we hope you’ll call on us at Avenue 3 Realty, so we can work together in achieving your home buying or home selling objectives.


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