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Silver Shadow

San Marcos I Single Family Home
Every house becomes a home when a loving family is raised in it. From the first days at home with their new born baby to hugging goodbye when the youngest finally graduates and moves to college, the endless memories created during the span of a lifetime are unforgettable.
Over the years, however, life takes a toll on a house. childhood memories covering the fridge, marks left from years of discarded shoes by the front door, and the worn edges of a carpet all lead to a home in dire need of some TLC.
When our clients came to us and said that they dreamed of a sunny retirement in Arizona, we knew it was up to us and our amazing team to help them make that dream a reality. However the state of their property left them wondering if they would ever be able to afford to move.
But once we came in and assessed their property, they quickly realized it would be in their best interest to let us renovate.
This property undertook a full renovation. Complete new kitchen and fully remodeled baths including fresh paint inside and out, new flooring, fixtures, lighting and more.
They were absolutely delighted when their home sold for well over the neighborhood standard. It was with great joy to watch our empty nesters pack up, hit the road and step into the next chapter of their lives.
Value before Renovation: $560,000
Renovation Cost: $97,750
Final Selling Price: $724,000
Ave3 Added Value to Home: $66,250
(after paying for the repairs)

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