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S. Waterwheel

Orange County I Condo
Living in a home for over 20 years breeds an accumulation of memories, comfort, and stuff. As a single mother to two grown daughters and a recently deceased family dog, the prospect of moving out overwhelmed our client.
After meeting with several agents in the area, our client and her sister chose Avenue3 as the best option to help with their next steps. As soon as we came in to assess her home, we noticed the kitchen was barely functioning, the carpet was soiled throughout, and there were holes in her ceiling from an electrical repair gone awry.
Because we knew that our client was relying on the equity of her home to fund her retirement, we determined that it would not have been financially or emotionally beneficial for her to renovate. Ultimately we suggested that she stop putting any more money in to the home and sell it “as is.”
We were right: a renovation was not what she needed from our team, it was our physical helping hands assisting in getting her moved. For weeks we spent time with her going through her possessions, boxing up what was meaningful, donating what we could and discarding what was no longer needed. Decades of reminiscences can be draining, during those moments we were able just to lend an ear so that she could share stories and release any anxiety that would arise. Working together helped her to feel safe and assured that we had her best interests at heart.
We successfully got this condo sold in a timely manner and she gained the maximum proceeds from the sale. Today she is happily living with her sister, surrounded with family and love, feeling so much more relieved.
“THANK YOU so much for all you are doing for me. I would be lost without you both. You have no idea how much I appreciate you all.”
“After living in my home for over 20 years, it became necessary for me to sell. I was at a loss as to what to do. Fortunately, Gina and Angie of Avenue 3 Realty were recommended to me. I am very glad I contacted them. After surveying the condo, they came up with a plan of action. Upon my consent, they then advertised, conducted open houses and helped me prepare for the move. My calls were responded to and questions promptly answered. They are putting together a notebook with all important documents. I highly recommend them.”
— Judy and her sister, Avenue3 Clients

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