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San Marcos I Condo
Several years back, our clients purchased a home for their mother so she could live nearby and help care for their children. Over the years, the family became attached to the home, so when Grandma eventually moved out, they opted to rent it out and keep the home within the family.
Unbeknownst to them, the new tenants subleased the property to other occupants and stopped paying rent. Eventually, with the help of the police, the situation was exposed, and finally the tenants were evicted. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. The property was completely trashed, un-permitted walls had been built, appliances ripped out, and extreme water damage due to flooding in the kitchen had been caused. There was mold extending from the kitchen into the garage.
Needless to say, it was disgraceful to see the disregard caused and a nightmare for the family to negotiate next steps. To sell the home in its existing condition would have resulted in an expensive loss, which would set them back further on their mortgage. They were at a loss, but then they called us.
At Avenue3, we take great joy in offering immediate relief to clients like these. We removed all debris, took care of repairs, remedied mold and water damage , and completely remodeled the home in just 3 weeks, so that we could get the property on the market before our clients lost more money on it.
Our clients were able to cover the cost of the renovation and still walk away with cash in their pockets, a reality they never thought would be possible.
“Renovation started quickly after we signed the contract, I was able to enjoy my vacation with my family and upon our return was pleasantly surprised that everything was almost complete. The property was listed on a Thursday, we received an offer the very next day, and closed escrow within 30 days with a top dollar price. They guided us through the transaction and took care of every issue that was brought up. Truly the most devoted and professional team of agents and contractors that we have ever worked with. We look forward to using their services in the future and would recommend them to anyone.”
— Steve and Tatiana, Avenue3 Clients
Value before Renovation: $310,000
Renovation Cost: $25,589
Final Selling Price: $397,000
Ave3 Added Value to Home: $61,411
(after paying for the repairs)

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