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35th Street

San Diego I Duplex
Our client called us concerned that her elderly mother was in a bad situation, one she had just found out about. The duplex was jammed packed with decades worth of treasures, the condition was not suitable for living and her mom was just days away from losing her home to foreclosure. This duplex had a retirement’s worth of equity, that needed to be saved. Her daughter knew it was time to get Avenue3 involved.
We immediately met with her mother, evaluated her situation, and put together a game plan that would help save her equity and buy her some time to get moved out. We were able to secure a solid offer where she would be able to stay rent free for 2 months giving her time to find a new place and liquidate her belongings. We also assisted in obtaining a reverse mortgage so that she could purchase another home and not have a monthly mortgage payment weighing on her.
This was situation in which it was not in her best financial interest to renovate. Instead, we moved her out, and today she is living stress-free and comfortably in a beautiful updated condo (pics below) that is safe, more accessible, and close to all of her favorite spots.

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