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Not all top San Diego realtors are handled by the big realty corporations, and those companies with hundreds of staffers. In fact, when you work with such giants, it’s pretty easy to get lost in the sauce, and to be somewhat overlooked in the big picture of corporate achievement and earnings. Our boutique real estate firm takes on only as much clientele as we can pay full attention to, and give our very best efforts for. That philosophy extends into all aspects of our real estate business, including mortgage services. As a real estate company in San Diego that caters strongly to our clients, we are committed to ensuring that all our clients receive our full attention, and whatever assistance they need to secure a mortgage they can live with.

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Mortgage Services

When you apply for a mortgage through Rocket Mortgage services, you’ll find the process to be as simple and streamlined as you could imagine. Here are the only steps you’ll have to undertake to secure a mortgage loan with us.

Apply online – you won’t even have to go to a bank, because your online application with us will get synced up with your bank, for an easy exchange of accurate numbers

  • Get approved – once you’re approved by Rocket, you’ll know exactly what kind of house you can afford, because you’ll have the approval limit right before you
  • Work with Avenue3 to find your new home – we’ll do everything in our power to find just the right home for you, in the right San Diego neighborhood. This will be a home you can appreciate for many years, and get a great deal of enjoyment out of
  • Close the loan – after we’ve helped you find the ideal residence it will be time to start moving toward a closing date. We’ll help you prepare all the details you’ll need for Closing Day, so you’ll be sure that nothing gets overlooked.
  • Move in – when the big day comes, you’ll be confident in the knowledge that you’ve done everything correctly, and that you’re finally ready to take ownership of the home we’ve helped find for you. Moving in day can be something of a hassle, but once it’s been accomplished, you can look forward to years of satisfied dwelling.
  • Manage the mortgage – your mortgage payments can all be managed online through Rocket, and that will put your mortgage to work for you, so you can start focusing on other aspects of your finances.
  • Refer other clients to Avenue3 – we hope your experience with us will have been a very positive one, and we welcome the opportunity to work with any friends or relatives you might have, so we can make them satisfied customers too!

If you’re refinancing, you’ll see the rates and loan options you qualify for. If you’re buying a home, you’ll find out what you can afford.

We go out of our way to provide as many really useful services as possible to our clients, recognizing that the home-buying period can be one of tremendous stress and anxiety. We try to remove as much of that stress as possible, using our knowledge of the business and our knowledge of the marketplace to reduce the time involved, and the involvement of the home buyer. You can read about each of these mini-services elsewhere on this page, but here are some of the services we can provide for you when you’re at the point of securing a mortgage:

  • Home evaluation
  • Marketing
  • Little Black Book
  • Market-ready properties
  • Renovations
  • Financial assistance
  • Relocation
  • Right-sizing
  • Assisted living transition
  • Probate

To read about each of these services in-depth, please refer to them under our Mortgage Services heading on this same page. If you have a question about any one of them, by all means contact us so we can discuss it in greater detail.

Special arrangement with Rocket Mortgage

Avenue3 is a licensed Loan Originator, meaning that we are highly experienced in all facets of the mortgage process, leading right up to Closing Day. Any  task or requirement that has to be carried out before closing is something that we focus our energies on, so we can remove all obstacles to you getting the mortgage you’re entitled to. We have helped countless families fulfill all requirements prior to securing a mortgage, and that kind of experience just cannot be replaced. We know what lenders are looking for, and we can help you position yourself to be approved by one or more lenders, so you can get the house you’ve always wanted.

In addition to being a certified Loan Originator, Avenue3 also has a preferred lending status with the well-known realty company, Rocket Mortgage. This can be a boon to many potential homeowners who are looking for just the right monthly commitment on a house that fits their budget. Our clients are looked on favorably by Rocket, since we only refer qualified home-buyers to them. When Rocket Mortgage agrees to arrange a mortgage for you, you can count on it being exactly what you need and something you can live with until it’s paid off.

When we work with you on securing a mortgage, your chances of getting the best possible mortgage for your new home are greatly increased. We know how much money a family can afford to pay each month for the home they’re considering, and we won’t advise you to take on more than you can handle. We want you to be situated in the ideal house, but we also want the payments to be comfortable, so that your budget has some breathing room, and you aren’t strapped for cash all the time because of an expensive mortgage.

Rocket Mortgage clients also are provided access to a Knowledge Center that can enlighten you on all phases of the home-buying process. If you aren’t quite up to speed on some of the terms and phrases common to real estate, you can quickly get there by educating yourself using the Rocket resources. For most aspects of real estate and home-buying in the San Diego area, we can provide all the assistance you need right here at Avenue3. However, for the more technical questions, or for areas of special interest that you may have, the Rocket Knowledge Center can be viewed as a valuable resource and support area.

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If you’re refinancing, you’ll see the rates and loan options you qualify for. If you’re buying a home, you’ll find out what you can afford.

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