San Diego’s Best Places to Live in 2022-2023

San Diego's Best Places to Live

Many homebuyers are slightly nervous at the thought of buying a home in San Diego due to inflation. Research shows that California mortgage rates are 5.51% for a 30-year fixed mortgage and 4.79% for a 15-year fixed mortgage. While this may change within the next few weeks and months, if you are considering working with a real estate […]

San Diego Real Estate Market Forecast for 2023-2024

real estate market

The bottom line is that San Diego is currently a seller’s market, and that trend is expected to continue for the coming calendar year. The good news is that San Diego realtors will be able to enjoy the fact that the city is still ranked in the Top 20 of the country for rising real […]

How to sell your home and buy a new home at the same time

sell home in san diego

Both buying and selling a home are equally stressful, but what about when you are trying to coordinate both at the same time? There are a lot of moving parts, so hiring a top Realtor who has innovative strategies is key to making the transaction go smoothly. If you are selling your home and want […]

The Best Guide to Financial Health

The Best Guide to Financial Health

Understanding your financial health can be overwhelming and foreign.  Taking into consideration how your income, assets, debts and credit score all play into your overall financial picture is crucial to grasp yet necessary to know in order to make future informed decisions.  Whether it is buying a home, sending your child off to college, or […]

No is the new Yes! 6 Ways to Scale back our busy lives

6 Ways to Scale back our busy lives

From the moment your eyes open come Monday morning until they lay to rest on Sunday night it’s common that in between the work-week, family, obligations and other social outings, you are exhausted, drained and have nothing more to give.  In a society where we have been conditioned to think more is more, overcommit ourselves […]

Hedge Against Inflation With These 3 Real Estate Investment Types

Hedge Against Inflation With These 3 Real Estate Investment Types

The annual inflation rate in the United States is currently around 7.5%—the highest it has been since 1982. [1] It doesn’t matter if you’re a cashier, lawyer, plumber, or retiree; if you spend U.S. dollars, inflation impacts you. Economists expect the effects of inflation, like a higher cost of goods, to continue. [2] Luckily, an […]


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