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Collectively, our boutique real estate firm personnel has more than 50 years of experience in the real estate business, and much of that time was right here in the San Diego area. That’s why we are the team you should work with when buying or selling property anywhere in the area, because all that knowledge and experience can be brought to bear on your behalf, to help you achieve your goals in real estate.

It’s really our in-depth knowledge of the real estate markets in San Diego and Orange Counties which sets us apart from other San Diego real estate agents, and which help to establish us as one of the best boutique real estate brokerages in the region. Our complete careers have been totally involved in residential San Diego realty, and that will be to your benefit, because we know the area and we know San Diego real estate.

Avenue3 Realty is San Diego and Orange County’s top real estate company offering innovative solutions to buy and sell homes.

A boutique real estate brokerage like ours can only be successful by having a complete knowledge of the area, and we go out of our way to ensure that we’re always on top of any developments in our area. If you’re looking to sell property in San Diego, we have MLS for San Diego, so your home will be listed in a number of periodicals and other trade papers.

Finally, real estate agents in San Diego that specializes in up-selling houses, so you get the price you deserve and the care that you need. Since our services are tailored specifically to your needs, and not some arbitrary system, our selling process looks a little different than most realtors’.

Raising the bar in Real Estate.

Avenue3 is a licensed Loan Originator, meaning that we are highly experienced in all facets of the mortgage process, leading right up to Closing Day. Any  task or requirement that has to be carried out before closing is something that we focus our energies on, so we can remove all obstacles to you getting the mortgage you’re entitled to. We have helped countless families fulfill all requirements prior to securing a mortgage, and that kind of experience just cannot be replaced. We know what lenders are looking for, and we can help you position yourself to be approved by one or more lenders, so you can get the house you’ve always wanted.

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Any real estate company in San Diego will have quite a bit of homework to do before they can work with the public in buying or selling property anywhere in the region. There are a great many counties, communities, and neighborhoods that make up the San Diego area, and in order to be an effective realtor, you really have to know them all.

That is why Avenue3 Realty has become the go-to San Diego realtor for so many residents and visitors to the area – because they can rely on our recommendations and advice, and especially on our knowledge and expertise in this region.

There are more than a few boutique real estate firms in the San Diego area, and this stands to reason, given the fact that there is quite a lot of real estate in the area that needs to be bought and sold. A real estate brokerage in San Diego like ours has to be able to distinguish itself from the crowd, and we do that by having over 50 years of combined experience as San Diego realtors.

Dealing with San Diego realty requires that you use MLS for San Diego, so that property listings can appear in multiple places to reach as many readers as possible.

If you’re looking for houses for sale in San Diego, we will have first-hand knowledge of the available properties, and we can steer you toward properties that will satisfy your needs, and that will also be something you’ll be happy and proud to live in.


When buying a home, searching for residential properties can be a daunting task if, you don’t hone in what you are looking for.


Check out today’s mortgage rates and get an estimate of what you can expect to pay for your new home.


Did you know that California has over 400 homebuyer assistance programs?

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So you’ve found your dream home and want to know if it’s worth it?

When you're interested in buying a home in the San Diego area, we can help you greatly by supplying any or all of the following services:

We can evaluate the current market value of a home you’re interested in, and we can discuss its resale value

We are aware of more than 400 assistance programs you can apply to in order to secure your home.

We’ll help you find the home of your dreams by narrowing down the neighborhoods, and listing your wants vs. needs. Search all homes for sale in San Diego.

We can estimate what you’ll be paying monthly for your new home, so you’ll know whether it’s within your budget.

This is our exclusive book of vendor names, many of which might be very helpful to you as a new resident of the San Diego community.

From the above, it’s pretty obvious that we can provide a number of services that will be of great assistance when you’re looking to buy property in the San Diego area. We like to be as helpful as possible at our boutique brokerage real estate business, because we want you to become the next satisfied resident of our beautiful San Diego area. If you need some kind of other assistance, make sure to bring it up, because chances are we can help you with that too – we have a very can-do attitude!

Because we are so familiar with the markets in San Diego County, we’re always the first to know about new homes for sale in San Diego and great deals. Put your trust in us, and we’ll find you your dream home in no time.

Selling a home in the San Diego area calls for just as much knowledge and expertise of the area as buying does, and we can provide all our experience to help you sell as quickly as possible. Here are some of our selling services:

Our boutique real estate firm can help you prepare your home for getting top dollar in the marketplace by evaluating what needs to be done in the way of renovations, updating, etc.

We can help you get relocated, whether you’re moving in to the area, or away from it.

If you’ve recently gone through some life changes, and need a smaller place, we can help you get exactly what you need.

If you’re in a pinch for cash while your home is on the market, we provide some Seller Services that will keep you afloat until cash flow resumes.

We can advise you on whether or not your home needs updating or renovation before selling, or whether it’s market-ready and you don’t need to do anything.

Our list of Preferred Vendors can be extremely helpful to someone new to the area, and can help get you assimilated into the community with a lot less stress and hardship

We know what  it takes to sell a home, and we’ll pull out all the stops in marketing your home fully, so you can get top dollar for your property, and in the least amount of time.

Our top real estate agents in San Diego has the the attitude that we’ll do whatever it takes to get your house sold for the price you want, and in the time frame you need it to be sold. Obviously, it doesn’t work out that way every single time, but more often than not, we get the job done on time and on budget. Our track record of success speaks for itself, and we’ll be glad to help you sell your home when you’re ready.

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5 Star Client Reviews

Best experience ever. Never too busy to take my phone calls. We had three full price offers and closed in 45 days. This was amazing considering that they were in the San Diego area, and my property was in Redondo Beach! They even facilitated my 1031 exchange.
Norman B.
Angie and Gina at Avenue3 Realty navigated two transactions with us in 2021, and we could not be happier - not only with the results, but with their commitment to go above and beyond expectations in ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.
Jeffrey B.
Gina Scafani was incredible to work with, not just in terms of leading the way to the perfect property but in dealing with difficulties in the process. Her positive attitude, professional expertise and hard work ethic made a challenging experience worth it.
Mary Elizabeth Perez

Welcome to Avenue 3’s Real Estate Blog. We are excited to share everything we know about real estate in San Diego. From home buying and selling your home, to renovating, staging, market trends, tips, tricks, and more!

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, if you intend to do it somewhere in the San Diego area, you really should be working with our real estate agents in San Diego. We can help you get the most money for your sold house, and we can get you the best price if you’re looking to buy. Regardless of what your needs are in the San Diego real estate area, we can help you achieve all your goals, and in less time. Contact us today, so we can go to work on your behalf and buy or sell the right home for you in San Diego.


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